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Fission of Liquid Drops.

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The basic idea
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Welcome everyone,

I work at this moment on a subject concerning the nuclear defomation. The aim of it goes around the Liquid Drop Model.

The purpose of this suggestion -of course if it's possible- is to build (or draw) a numerical simulation of liquid drops wich undergoes collisions, fusion, fission and more other interesting phenomena. I don't want a very big and complicated simulation, just one that might exhib the points cited before and put the emphasis on the important results made by scientists like Lord Rayleigh. This simulation can be extended or used into more realistic models, like to represent a fissioning nucleus in the Liquid Drop Model (LDM).

I wish if someone, some person had already works with java and can offer me advices and why not help me to make it. I don't know any things about the Java, but I think it's a good tool to teach physics and sciences.

If you want more examples, I can offer you an image that show very well the simulation I need. I found it in a collection of a friend on Google+(however, he didn't make it).

If you understand my request, please feel free to contact me.


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