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Question about EJS and Objects

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Adjusting the font for plot axis labels
Larry Engelhardt
17 Posts

Is it possible to modify the font that is used for the axis labels of plots?

I see that PlottingPanel view elements have a setFont method, so I tried the following lines of code:

Font f = new Font(Font.SERIF, Font.PLAIN, 30);

However, this does not seem to do it.


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Rotation of a 2Dshape
Iannis Avramopoulos
4 Posts


I have a 2Dshape and I want to rotate it by a variable angle, say "theta", which I have already declared in the variables panel.

So I try to input my variable to the dialog box that accompanies the cell "Transform".  I type "theta", in the cell next to the button "Rotation" and press the button. The line on the bottom reads "ro:thetad" which seems to me wrong syntax and it appears that it actually is, because in the output area reads

"Incorrect value for transformation: ro:thetad
java.lang.NumberFormatException:For input string:"theta"
many more lines,   you get the idea

and of course it's not rotating when I run the simulation.

I can't figure out what's wrong with the syntax, as my programming skills are below average and I have little knowledge of java .

Thank you in advance


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Elements in a ShapeSet
Eduardo Garcia
13 Posts


Related to my other post, I am looking for a way to adress an element in a ShapeSet.

For example I have a ShapeSet of 8 elements, and I want to change the color of the single element that the user clicked. How can I get the Object with which the user has interacted from the ShapeSet?

Thank you for your time and patience.

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Objects in EJS
Eduardo Garcia
13 Posts


I am making a simulation on EJS, but I am having problem with my custom code. I don't undestand how I can get the Object of a button or a 2dShape I make so I can use the class functions with it.

For example, I have created a 2Dshape.  I want to be able to change its color when I click on it, by using  the function "setColor()" of the class.. I cant seem to get the object of the 2DShape. I used the functions "_view.getvisual("shape")" to no avail. I don't have so much knowledge in programming.

Thank you for yout time and patience.

Post edited October 30, 2011 at 4:48 PM EST.

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