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Parallelization - May 23, 2011 at 11:42AM
Zach Wilson
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Does anyone know if there is a way to utilize parallel computing or if there is going to be a version dedicated to this?

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Re: Parallelization - May 24 2011 3:36AM
Francisco Esquembre
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The Parallel Java library (see is a very nice 100% Java library that can be used for this. The book from the author is also a nice text for Java programmers.

I am so fond of this, that I plan to add Model Elements to EJS that will make it easy for an EJS author to parallelize a model in a shared memory multiprocessor computer. (The library also supports small clusters.)

I also plan to use the examples from Kaminsky's book (see the Web page above) to create the corresponding EJS examples.

When will this be ready? I can't promise it, because the term hasn't finished yet in Spain. But I want to work on this before the summer and maybe finish it during August.


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Re: Parallelization - Oct 20 2011 5:46PM
Francisco Esquembre
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Ok. Here they are.
The latest EJS has brand new Model elements based on the Parallel Java library that allow you to create nice parallel algorithms. The source code examples contain a number of examples taken from the book "Building Parallel Programs" by Alan Kaminsky.
These are tools for multicore shared-memory computers. I have tried the examples with a 12 cores computer and the result is superb!
The examples are in users/murcia/fem/demos/ParallelElements

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