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Convert 2D simulation to 3D

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Convert 2D simulation to 3D
George Barouxis
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I am trying to convert a fairly complex 2D simulation with 110 elements (lines, rays, ellipses, etc.) to 3D. I opened the ejss file in Notepad++ and replaced the 2D plotting panel with a drawingpanel3D, segment2D with segment3D, shape2D with sphere3D, etc.

Ejss was able to read the file and I opened some of the elements and their properties looked OK (minimuX, maximumX, etc.), but when I loaded the simulation in the html page I will use, I got a "parent.GetClass is not a function" error.

Any ideas what is going on? Is it due to the replacements and the fact that some 2D and 3D elements have different properties or is something else the matter?

If the former, is there any other way of doing this except for building the 3D simulation from scratch?

I am using JavaScript_Ejs_6.01 with jre1.8.0_331.

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