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Can't launch Ejs Console post and replies

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same - Aug 27, 2018 at 11:32AM
Jon Walter
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Same problem for me: #118 I try the compileDebug and debug=true options without success. The only thing I found is to update the code of module to console.log the curent line....


Piano under 100

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Re: same - Sep 11 2018 9:36AM
Simon Smith
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I haven't been able to use launch this software for some time now. It use to work on my main windows 7 computer but now double clicking on the icon fails to open the software. Sometimes running as administrator works but it's not guaranteed.

It works on my Windows 7 laptop. I'm not a software developer so I can't give you any further guidance. I hope that a solution is available for the issue that I am having.


P.S. The software does not appear in Windows Task Manager even though I have double clicked on the icon.

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Re: same - Sep 11 2018 10:58AM
lookang Avatar
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Dear Simon Smith,

In my experience conducting workshops on EJSS, usually the problem could be just a simple case of not unzipping the

watch this video if you help a step by step guide. 

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Cannot launch Ejs Console - Jun 23, 2018 at 3:23AM
Eng Yeow Kwek
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I cannot start the Ejs Console on my Windows 10 PC even though it launches on my other Windows 10 PC. I don't know what the reason is. Has anyone encountered this problem before? If so, please help.

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Re: Cannot launch Ejs Console - Jun 23 2018 9:59AM
lookang Avatar
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It is very likely a simple problem such as
Wrong java runtime must be 8, I hear 9 is not fully compatible.
Download ejss is incomplete, in that case, re download it and unzip.

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