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"Problems" with translate post and replies

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"Problems" with translate - Jul 31 at 12:18PM
Léo Macena
8 Posts

I would like to use a button to translate, however I do not know the command for this.
I have done the translation, when I use GUI options, the translation works perfectly, however I wanted a button that would do the same, without the need to make the GUI process options> Language> English.

I already used it and it did not work
_view.setLocale ("default")
_view.setLocale ("English")

Ps: Default is in Portuguese and I translated it into English.

Thanks for any help

Léo Rodrigues dos Santos Macena, Departament of Physics - Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro. Departament of Physics - Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto. Programa de Educação

Replies to "Problems" with translate

Re: "Problems" with translate - Jul 31 4:52PM
Francisco Esquembre
222 Posts

I understand it is a Java simulation.



If still doe snot work, please send the simulation and I'll have a look at it.


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