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Symbols post and replies

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SYmbols like ASCII or Unicode - Jul 9 at 10:57AM
Apostolos Michaloudis
28 Posts

Is there a posibility to add symbols like the copyright symbol or
to writ m1, with number 1 being a subscript?
I tried something like m\u2081 but it does't work.

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Replies to SYmbols like ASCII or Unicode

Re: SYmbols like ASCII or Unicode - Jul 09 3:30PM
Francisco Esquembre
222 Posts


where do you want to add them?

In a Java or in a JavaScript Simulations?

In a label or in a text drawable?

In a HtmlView interface element (for JavaScript simulations) try this:

Hope this helps.


Re: Re: SYmbols like ASCII or Unicode - Jul 13 11:04AM
Apostolos Michaloudis
28 Posts

Mr Esquembre, thank you for your repply.
I use Java-flavor simulations.
I want to add them as String name in a label for example.
Or in a slider i want to write

"v1 = 0.00 m/s"

but i want the number 1 as subscript.
Is this possible?

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Re: Re: Re: SYmbols like ASCII or Unicode - Jul 16 5:24AM
Francisco Esquembre
222 Posts

Hum. I am afraid that it is not. Plotting panels accept kind of LaTeX style for titles, so you can write (in a Plotting panel title) $v_{1}$

But not in standard Labels, sorry.

(Javascript is much better in this sense, since it allows HTML.)


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