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Bug report: UTF-8 coding in tracker.prefs

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Bug report: UTF-8 encoding in tracker.prefs
Vratislav Pechanec
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Hello Doug,

I have noticed in the Tracker of various versions (I use this great application few years occasionally :-) and now I have v6.1.5 installed) that Recent files (File | Open recent...) have wrong paths.

I use Windows 10 and non ASCII characters in my data folders (Czech language). It was not any substantial problem for me but now I have noticed the tracker.prefs file has a few kB which is weird for simple XML file.

Finally I have found, when I open a file with a non ASCII character in its path in the Tracker, it stores it to recent files collection of the tracker.prefs and then each Tracker closing (and tracker.prefs write) re-encode UTF-8 characters again and again.

Here is an example -- the first line correct, the second one should be the same path but it is after a single Tracker app close. The third one is after few Tracker app starts and close:

   <property name="item" type="string">D:/Dokumenty/VL-3/Zkoušky/Podvozek/Příďový - padostroj/2023-06-26/s wedge 100.trk</property>
   <property name="item" type="string">D:/Dokumenty/VL-3/Zkoušky/Podvozek/PříďovĂ˝ - padostroj/2023-06-26/s wedge 100.trk</property>
   <property name="item" type="string">D:/Dokumenty/VL-3/Zkoušky/Podvozek/PříďovÄ‚Ëť - padostroj/2023-06-26/SB s wedge 362.trk</property>

Please find enclosed my .prefs file for tests. Just copy it to your C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\OSP\ folder, (and rename it back to the "tracker.prefs") then start the Tracker app again and close it. The paths in the <property name="recent_files" type="collection"... probably change...

Hope this help for debugging.

Best regards,


Attached File: tracker.prefs.txt

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