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How to increase autrotracking precision

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How to increase autrotracking precision ( or decrease "flicking" of the point mass)
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I've been trying to autotrack a person jumping and landing on the ground.
My goal is to estimate the ground reaction forces that speed up or slow down the center of mass of the person (in the y direction only) while this person is in contact with the ground.
I used white tape as a track marker on the person's clothes, on the torso.
When I use the autotrack function, while landind the autotracking flicks too much and i get a result that does not seem precise enough.
I've tried many combinations of keyframes, and change the 3 options of the autotracking paramaters many times but still can't get a ploting that looks precise. Could someone give a insight?
(I used the 240fps camera of my cellphone to record the videos; and the movement happenned on a 2d plane in relation to the camera)

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