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Tracker UI Issue (v6.0.3)

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Brayden Rodgers
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Hello, I downloaded tracker today but I have been having an issue with the user interface. I had used this app a couple of years ago in my physics course without issue, and it was a great app, so I am hoping someone can diagnose the problem.

The issue I am having occurs when I have a video file loaded into the app.  Every time I scroll over one of the menu buttons, the app will redisplay the current frame of the video at the coordinate of the menu button.  Scrolling back over the button will cause it to display on top of the video frame in its usual location, but within seconds, the UI becomes a garbled mess (see attached image).

I will gladly provide any necessary specs on my device or the software I am using to help resolve this issue.

Attached File: Screenshot321.png

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