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Tracker 6.0.1 Rotating a video does not rotate the mat

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the previous version for windows rotated the mat - September 14 at 11:01:PM
agnieszka wiklendt
2 Posts

Notice in this screenshot for v 5.1.5, the video was rotated and viewed in the centre of the canvas(?). The mat underneath is also rotated with the video so that any zooming or scrolling allows you to access the whole video.

It's just nicer to work with.

Attached File: 5.1.5Rotatingvideorotatesmatwithit.jpg

Rotating a video does not rotate the mat of the video - September 14 at 10:57:PM
agnieszka wiklendt
2 Posts

This causes an issue in that once the video is rotated (say, landscape to portrait mode) then the bottom of the video cannot be accessed.

A work around i've used is to manually change the mat size under the edit menu, but there are only a few pre-sized options and the mat is not positioned centrally to the rotated video.

In the attached screensnip, the mat is the white area under the video.

This was not an issue in Version 5.1.5

Attached File: 6.0.1Rotatingvideodoesnotrotatemat.jpg

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