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Autotracking not tracking post and replies

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Autotracking not working - Jan 18 at 3:57PM
Anthony Smith
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I am trying to use Tracker and the autotracking feature as a video-extensiometer for tensile testing.

I have successfully used the autotracking feature on a point Mass 'A' with great ease on a white dot on a tensile bar specimen.  It tracks the position of the dot during a tensile test and reports the position.  I have tried repeatedly to do the same for a point Mass 'B' which is another white dot on the tensile bar.  It refuses to track.  I had tried changing Evolution Rate and Automark settings without success.  I have reloaded the video and labeled the 'trouble' white dot as point Mass 'A' and even that didn't work.  The two white dots are similar is size, illumination and background, so it would not seem this is the source of the problem.  Just looking at anything else to try.  Doug, thanks for such a very extensive program with seemingly a lot of capability.  Quite a nice piece of programming.  I can't imagine how difficult this was.

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