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Vehicle tracking

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Vehicle tracking - Nov 2, 2018 at 8:15PM
Gabri Giaco
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Good morning,
i used Tracker software to tracking vehicle motion on a 2D view (car from left to right and right to left).
The way that i found to track vehicle is create two RGB region at right and left, becouse luma variation to standard fixed color indicate the vechicle way in/out on RGB region.
RGB region data (time, x, y, luma) can be exported in Excel and after analyzed with an algorithm that use all excel function.
Problem: if have to analyse 1 hour video, data increase a lot.

Cant use Point Mass first becouse have problem to define autotracking wwith mouse (sometime apprear not work), but above all becouse there arent a way to auto set the access of vehicle on scene for autotracking motion.
I thinck also to use a line track, but data is give for a certain number of point of line without track luma variation with time. So without time i have to copy line data every time stap. Like this cant be used.

Another interesting function is subtraction of fixed image on following frame.
Maybe if can be extracted data like frame (time), x, y, luma variation to black, maybe can create automatic center of mass and motion mouvement with an analisys of this data.

good project.

Good bye

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