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Any way to run Tracker on a Chromebook? post and replies

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Can I run Tracker on a Chromebook? - Jun 3 at 5:30AM
Wendy McRae
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I teach IB physics at an international school. My school has just told me that our 1-1 laptop programme is switching from Windows laptops to Chromebooks at the start of the next school year.

I am trying to find a video analysis solution for my students to use in lab projects -- is there any way to run Tracker on a Chromebook? I don't see anything about Chromebooks on the website but thought I would double-check.

I'd also love to hear any suggestions or tips about cool things that can be done with Chromebooks for physics teaching.

Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions.
Wendy McRae

Replies to Can I run Tracker on a Chromebook?

Re: Can I run Tracker on a Chromebook? - Jun 28 2:52PM
Leah Luchsinger
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Tracker does not work on chromebooks.  I have been looking for something comparable for over a year.  If anyone else has found something please let us know.

Re: Re: Can I run Tracker on a Chromebook? - Jul 15 12:39PM
Jonathan Harrington
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This software is great. I have done some photogrammetry research before teaching and would really like to use this tool in my classroom. A colleague told me that there is a cheap software from Vernier for iPhones which you could check out until the chromebook conundrum is solved.

I don't have a chromebook handy, but I believe it could be run by using Crouton and virtual booting linux. YMMV!

Re: Re: Can I run Tracker on a Chromebook? - Jul 27 2:00PM
Luca Demian
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Hi, if you still haven't found anything, I am working on making an open source online version of Tracker, which would run on Chromebooks. Let me know if you're interested, I can send you a link to the GitHub. I'm creating it for my senior project at my high school, so it should be released in a usable form by early September. If you wanted to help by providing feedback/ideas, that'd be awesome. It will only be basic tracking at first, not really any of the fancier stuff which Tracker does (auto tracking, etc).

Re: Re: Re: Can I run Tracker on a Chromebook? - Jul 30 8:52AM
Keith Duda
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I would like to try out anything you develop.  My school uses chromebooks and I have really missed tracker since we switched over.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Can I run Tracker on a Chromebook? - Aug 04 7:28PM
Luca Demian
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It's still in fairly early stages, but you can checkout the code here or the live version here.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Can I run Tracker on a Chromebook? - Aug 06 12:08PM
Douglas Brown Avatar
Douglas Brown
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Luca, the "here" links you included didn't show up in my email so I am reposting them with the links exposed.  

Your code is at

The live version is at  

Thanks for this!!

Re: Re: Can I run Tracker on a Chromebook? - Sep 07 7:42AM
Sam Edgecombe
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This is great for a start! Thanks for this :)

Re: Can I run Tracker on a Chromebook? - Sep 22 12:29PM
Joe Liaw
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Hi Luca:

This is AMAZING!!!

Just tested it out and your app works brilliantly--no Java, no Flash, nothing else required but a modern browser--very nice!!!

Integration with Google Drive is genius--then students can film in slow motion with their phones at 120 or 240 frames per second (which used to require special grants to be written to purchase high speed cameras!) to do some truly cool video analysis in the classroom!

The data can be easily exported to Excel or copy and pasted into Google Sheets for graphing and analysis--thank you!

Looks like the only feature left would be if you could integrate graphing into your app so that the "visual" nature of the motion matching the motion graphs would be available like in Tracker...but I know that would take a lot more coding....

Either way, thank you for sharing your great work with the education community and we plan on trying to use your tool with our students and will share feedback!

Re: Can I run Tracker on a Chromebook? - Nov 17 3:52PM
Paul Beeken
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Aside from development of a WebApp deployment you should check out RollApp which is a service for hosting standalone programs on commercial operating systems. As a demo they host free linux applications and one I suggested last year: Tracker is supported. I have used it in a limited way but it reads files from Google Drive or DropBox and will open analyze and save the .trk and trz files directly to cloud storage. Of course the RollApp folks want to make some $ so I don't know how long the app will be supported for free but for now it seems to work.

Post edited November 17, 2018 at 3:55 PM EST.

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