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Tablet computer help post and replies

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Help Please - Aug 14, 2014 at 9:58AM
Steven Finicle
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My school just announced the adoption of tablets (either Samsung or Apple) instead of laptops.  I have been using tracker for my physics course for the last 4 year and wanted to know if there is anyway to get it to work on either platform of tablet.  I have never owned or used  a tablet computer before, so any help would be appreciated.  Cheers.

Replies to Help Please

Re: Help Please - Aug 14 2014 12:56PM
Paul Nord
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For the iPad, look at Video Physics.  It's not nearly as powerful as Tracker.  But Vernier has made a great effort in creating a simple intuitive interface for the iPad.  A version due out in a month or two will include an automatic tracking feature.

You'll also need Vernier's Graphical Analysis to do some simple manipulation of the data.

Do let your school know that you need a budget for new software.


Re: Help Please - Aug 15 2014 8:04PM
Douglas Brown Avatar
Douglas Brown
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Unfortunately Tracker will not run on tablets and is not likely to in the near future. I'm afraid your best bet for the time being is to use Vernier's product as Paul Nord suggested.  Doug

Re: Help Please - Aug 19 2014 8:51AM
Ivo Gienal
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In the German Journal "Praxis der Naturwissenschaften, Physik in der Schule", the Juli 14 issue is dedicated to Tablets in physics teaching. One article is about the video analysis. For the Android Systems the authors found no app, so they decided to program one. The app should be out in this summer, but is not yet available in the PlayStore. As soon a sit  is out, I will post a message. Probably it will be in german, may be it is also available in English. Here the link with more information:

Attached the mentioned article as pdf.


Attached File: Videoanalysis_Tablets.pdf

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