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Tracker 4.84 freezes post and replies

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tracker crashes - Mar 4, 2014 at 6:58AM
Holger SWF
8 Posts

Hi Doug,

unfortunately I have some trouble with tracker again ;)
It freezes and crashes when I use the Video slider to select a certain frame of a video.

I've tested several versions of tracker and it seems that the problem doens't occur in version 4.81 and lower.

I've observed the problem in versions 4.82-4.84.

Maybe you have some idea about the problem?


Replies to tracker crashes

Re: tracker crashes - Mar 10 2014 3:36PM
Douglas Brown Avatar
Douglas Brown
161 Posts

Hi Holger,

What OS are you using? And how long are the videos?

Which video engine are you using? What happens when you switch video engines?

Can you send me a short sample video so I can try to reproduce the bug?

Thanks. Doug

Re: Re: tracker crashes - Mar 16 2014 11:52AM
Holger SWF
8 Posts

Hi Doug,

I'm using Windows 7. Following your anser I've switched the video engine from QuickTime to Xuggle. Since I've switched to this option tracker works fine.

Tracker was freezing with every video I've loaded (I've tried my own videos and videos from the Internet of different lengths).

Re: Re: Re: tracker crashes - Mar 16 2014 6:48PM
Douglas Brown Avatar
Douglas Brown
161 Posts

Hi Holger,

I'm glad to hear Tracker with Xuggle is working well for you :-)

I wonder if there is a problem with your QuickTime installation. It is highly unusual for users to report problems with QuickTime, and the fact that Xuggle works well indicates that it is not likely a Tracker problem at all. You might try uninstalling and reinstalling QuickTime...

best regards,


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