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Working with OpenSourcePhysics from R

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Statistics with R on OSP - May 8 at 5:31PM
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I am trying to generate some simulations to perform statistical studies using OSP by calling the Java libraries from R.

So far, I have had some success: plots work, simulations open and run, but they crash R when I close any simulation. Also, I can see the data being generated by OSP in real time inside the R console.

I have prepared an R-OSP environment in Eclipse. I am publishing it in Github in case someone is interested and dare to explore further. It's lots of fun.

This is the link to the repository:

I am using RStudio with the latest R version 3.4.0 in 64-bits. The Java version which I used for testing is Java 8 131. You will need to install the rJava package to be able to talk to Java from R.

I have created few notebooks in R (.Rmd files) to test run the R and Java code.

I will continue uploading a few more in the following days.

Please, let me know if you have any questions,

Alfonso R. Reyes
Petroleum Engineer
Houston, Texas

Twitter:    fonzie@OilGains

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