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General comments, questions, and suggestions related to the Open Source Physics ComPADRE Collection may be placed here.

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t=0 and origin coordinates query 1 Jun 6
by Tobias Cooper
AEP 14/17 LTK Promoting joy of learning by turning phone into 3 scientific equipment 1 Aug 20, 2019
by lookang
Fixed Line Position Tracking 1 Oct 15, 2018
by john petrie
How to Contribute new Sims? 3 Jul 10, 2018
by Wolfgang
Working with OpenSourcePhysics from R 2 Jul 27, 2017
by Estel Jordan
rODE - an R package using OSP algorithms 5 Jul 14, 2017
ODE Adams-Bashforth-Moulton multistep 1 May 25, 2017
suggestion for Axis drawing style to be at the position of X and YFixedTick in addition to the Gutter position 2 Jul 25, 2016
by lookang
JAVA problem some example simulations will work but the EjsConsole.jar fails 3 Jun 12, 2016
by Amy Bug
finding OSP@SG simulations just got a little easy 2 Oct 11, 2015
by lookang
Implement Google Translate on EJSS will auto translate into the user's browser location and language 1 Oct 11, 2015
by lookang
SuperpositionWavesApp extends AbstractSimulation and doStep 1 Jul 22, 2015
by Adam S.
Using Tracker to measure fish swimming speed in the wild 2 Jun 24, 2015
by lookang
I'm looking for feedback on a physics idea 1 Jan 27, 2015
by Marcus MacGregor
How to analyze videos at an angle 1 Nov 20, 2014
by Anand Gudlur
Recommendation: Deploy OSP jar to Maven Central 2 Nov 16, 2014
by Stuart Bowman
Released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license 1 Oct 13, 2014
by lookang
Foucault's Pendulum on EJS -- Article 1 Aug 14, 2014
by praveen
problem executin EJS 1 May 7, 2014
by Joaquin S
Conditions of Use 2 Apr 20, 2014
by Man Tol
axis label format attribute?? 1 Jan 25, 2014
by Robert MacKay
guide to beta EJS Android Reader App 1 Nov 1, 2013
by lookang
EJS (any version) do not run on Java (last versions) installed on my 64 Bit Window 7 Laptop 1 Aug 8, 2013
by Francisco S. Barralaga
how to test whether the digital library is working? 3 Oct 16, 2012
by lookang
Where can you download the entire org.opensourcephysics package? 2 Oct 1, 2012
by Wolfgang
Is there a minimum specification for the Ejs models in Simple and Java 3D to run? 2 Sep 14, 2012
by lookang
Can EJS applets be submitted as Chrome app? 1 Jun 22, 2012
by lookang
how to cite resources here with place and publisher? 2 Apr 3, 2012
by Wolfgang
OSP User Communities 4 Mar 2, 2012
by Wolfgang
RSS feed for OSP 3 Sep 13, 2009
by lookang
How to edit the contributor names again after i added my name to the list? 1 Jul 31, 2009
by lookang
Tracker on Linux? 2 Mar 13, 2009
by Douglas Brown
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