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NEXUS Physics

The NEXUS/Physics project was originally created as part of the National Experiment in Undergraduate Science Education (NEXUS) funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in response to national studies that encouraged the development of new programs for biology majors and pre-health care students.

The project was developed by a team of developers beginning in 2010. The class has been delivered at the University of Maryland since 2011 and has been the starting point of classes at other colleges and universities throughout the US. 

NEXUS Physics is based on extensive research into student learning and into how biology students learn physics. For more information, see

NEXUS Physics is an open and growing environment linked to the Living Physics Portal. Additional entries can be created and submitted to the Portal for review and addition to the collection.  Check out the Home tab for announcement of changes and new materials.

Producer and Editor:

Edward F. (Joe) Redish


Primary Authors:

Benjamin W. Dreyfus

Benjamin D. Geller

Julia Svoboda Gouvea

Wolfgang Losert

Kimberly Moore

Edward F. (Joe) Redish

Vashti Sawtelle

Chandra Turpen  


Additional Contributors:

David Buehrle

Karen Carleton

Marco Colombini

Todd Cooke

Catherine Crouch

Mark Eichenlaub

Deborah Hemingway

Kerstin Nordstrom  


Laboratory Development Team:

Benjamin D. Geller

John Giannini

Wolfgang Losert

Kimberly Moore

Matt Severson


Chris Bauer

Melanie Cooper

Janet Coffey

Steve Durbin

Andrew Elby

Lee Friedman

Kristi Hall-Berk

Jason Kahn

Mike Klymkowsky

Dan Levin

Gili Marbach-Ad

Dawn Meredith

Joelle Presson

Mark Reeves

Jen Richards

Sergei Sukharev

Katerina Thompson

Arnaldo Vaz

Jessica Watkins

Royce Zia

Development supported in part by 

  • HHMI
  • The US National Science Foundation
  • The University of Maryland Department of Physics
  • The University of Maryland College of Computers, Mathematics, and the Natural Sciences


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