Newton's Second Law Vignette

When a constant force due to a fan or gas jet is exerted on a cart, it accelerates. When the same force acts on a more massive cart, it accelerates less. This vignette walks the user through experiments to verify part of Newton's Second Law. With video analysis the user sees that the same force acting on twice the mass produces half the acceleration.

Impact on Learning:

A preliminary version of this vignette was studied and found to have a modest effect on learning. See Research Outcomes. The version available here is a re-edited one that will be tested during the next year.

Student Comments:

I now understand Newton's Second Law. Thanks!

Great portrayal. I didn't realize that I didn't have a solid understanding of the relationship between acceleration and velocity.

I liked this one a lot, the measuring of the slopes was new but I felt like it allowed me to be a part of the experiment.

Im going to reduce the weight in my car so i can increase acceleration.

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