IVV Use in Collaborative Tutorials

Vignettes are designed to be used by one student at a time. However, they can also be used in small collaborative groups of students. For example, at the University of Cincinnati the Bullet in the Block vignette was used to support a problem solving exercise in the recitation sessions that accompany the introductory physics course. In this case, at the beginning of recitation the students were shown the first part of the vignette which sets up an interesting problem concerning conservation of momentum and energy. Within the vignette students are asked to make a prediction about the height each of two blocks will rise after being penetrated by a bullet; one hit at the center of mass and one hit off-center. Rather than make a qualitative prediction within the vignette, students were provided with a guided worksheet that included the actual parameters of the problem including bullet speed and mass of the block. Students worked in groups to calculate the height to which each block would rise. These solutions were then shared with the class. Once class consensus was reached regarding the final relative heights of the two blocks, the remainder of the vignette was shown as a wrap-up to the recitation session.

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