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Vignette Studio is an easy-to-use Java application that lets you make your own vignettes. All you need to get started is a good idea. The first step is to write a script using our guide. This will be very different from an ordinary video script, because vignettes are interactive. For example, you'll need to carefully think through each question to make sure it has a purpose within the vignette and that it will be answered during the vignette. Once you've made the videos from the script, you'll use Vignette Studio to put everything together. The screenshot above shows how Vignette Studio's graphical user interface makes it easy to arrange the pages of your vignette. The last step is to upload the vignette folder to your website and give its address to your students.

A beta version of Vignette Studio with a limited feature set is available for you to test. The final version, which will be available here at the end of the project, will be free open-source software. To download a ZIP archive of the Vignette Studio beta application, right-click on the following button and choose "Save Link As...". It may un-ZIP automatically when you download it, or you may need to use an application to un-ZIP it.


Vignette Studio is free software distributed under the GNU General Public License.

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Vignette Studio

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