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Vignettes for Introductory Physics (available now)

Projectile Motion Projectile Motion
Independence of vertical and horizontal motion

Newton's First Law Newton's First Law
Sliding objects with less friction slow down less, so without friction an object would not slow down at all. [Includes video analysis]

Newton's Second Law Newton's Second Law
Acceleration of different carts by the same force. [Includes video analysis]

Newton's Third Law Newton's Third Law
Forces in a collision

Bullet-Block Bullet-Block
(with Derek Muller) Conservation of momentum in an inelastic collision

Circular Motion Circular Motion
Centripetal Force

Electrostatics I: Electric Charge Electrostatics I: Electric Charge
The nature of electric charge.

Electrostatics II: Positive and Negative Charge Electrostatics II: Positive and Negative Charge
How can we tell which charges are negative and which are positive?

Electrostatics III: Charges Interacting Electrostatics III: Charges Interacting
How charge transfers from one object to another.

Vignettes for Advanced Physics (under development)

Links to materials being developed by the Advanced Lab Interactive Video Project, led by Keith Stein, Chad Hoyt and Nathan Lindquist at Bethel University and Robert Teese at RIT, will be posted here.

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