Clicker Utilities

Utility for Turning Technology ResponseCard™ Clickers

Moodle Installation Instructions

Requirements: Windows PC with Java 1.6 or later and administrative privileges.

  1. Download the latest Clicker Utility for your clickers
  2. The downloaded file is a zipped file. Unzip this file.
  3. When unzipped, there will be three jar files. Two are for testing (and the jar name starts with TestIPALJava) and the third is for actual polling.
  4. Plug the clicker receiver into a Windows PC in the classroom where clickers will be used.
  5. Place all three zipped jar files onto this PC. Clicking on a jar file will run that Utility.
  6. Please consult the Clicker Utility Users Guide for directions on running the utility.

Please contact the IPAL project PI, William (Bill) Junkin if you have any questions: or 1-727-864-8239.