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relation created by Mario Belloni

The Easy Java Simulations Modeling and Authoring Tool is needed to explore the computational model used in the Newton's Mountain Model.

relation created by wee lookang

a remixed version of the original version by Todd.
remixed by lookang
made sliders and fields conform to my design preference
redo for SI units for closer to sg syllabus instead of arbitrary units originally made
add earth picture
add panel of x,y,vx,vy,ax,ay for calculating values to coincident with Earth data
add trace instead of the older trail that can display older data
rotate newton's diagram by 5 degree to coincident with x=0, instead of the older 0.1*R
add time
change to acceleration instead of force

relation created by Mario Belloni

This Java simulation of Newton's mountain is similar to the version in Physlet Physics.

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