Roller Coaster Model Relations

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relation created by Mario Belloni

The Easy Java Simulations Modeling and Authoring Tool is needed to explore the computational model used in the Roller Coaster.

relation created by Wolfgang Christian

A BQ Learning resource that uses this OSP item.

relation created by wee lookang

This resource allows this derived works to be created, that has drag force, graphical representations of v vs t and E vs t.
Thanks Micheal Gallis & Wolfgang Christian!

relation created by Caroline Hall

In this self-paced multimedia tutorial for middle school, students develop literacy skills as they explore kinetic and potential energy in a roller coaster.

relation created by Caroline Hall

In this hands-on activity for grades 7-9, students build a physical model of a roller coaster with foam pipe insulation and marbles. Includes assessments, rubric, and worksheet.

relation created by Andreu Glasmann

The Roller Coaster Model simulates the energy transfer between kinetic and potential energy; both types of energy are covered in Physlet Physics chapter 7.

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