PhET Simulation: Projectile Motion Relations

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relation created by Caroline Hall

A link to the newer HTML5 version of the PhET simulation "Projectile Motion".

relation created by Caroline Hall

A comprehensive lesson with scripted teacher discussion and student worksheets, developed for use in Grades 8-9 specifically to accompany the PhET simulation Projectile Motion.

relation created by Caroline Hall

A PBL (Problem-Based Learning) activity for conceptual physics that asks learners to take the role of artillery sergeants to prepare a report on the factors influencing the path of a projectile fired from a cannon.

relation created by Caroline Hall

A context-rich activity for Grades 8-10 explores the effects of air resistance and gravity on the motion of a projectile.

relation created by Alea Smith

This activity promotes inquiry learning and is effective for introductory concepts of projectile motion without calculations.

relation created by Tom Henderson

The PHET simulation provides an interactive exploration of variables associated with projectile motion.

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