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Graph Matching Motion Model 

written by Andrew Duffy

This simulation gives users an opportunity to investigate the meaning of shape and slope for three types of motion graphs: position vs. time, velocity vs. time, and acceleration vs. time. The simulation opens with a motion diagram of a blue ball moving horizontally, with a position vs. time graph simultaneously displayed. The student's task is to "match" the motion of an adjacent red ball to that of the blue ball, by using sliders to set the initial position, initial velocity, and acceleration. To set it up correctly requires the student to analyze and interpret motion of the blue ball. After matching the motion, students can predict what the velocity and acceleration graphs look like by sliding the end points of the red lines up or down to give correct straight-line graphs.

This item was created with Easy Java Simulations (EJS), a modeling tool that allows users without formal programming experience to generate computer models and simulations. To run the simulation, simply click the Java Archive file below. To modify or customize the model, See Related Materials for detailed instructions on installing and running the EJS Modeling and Authoring Tool.

Last Modified June 6, 2014

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Source Code Documents

Graph Matching Motion Model Source Code 

The source code zip archive contains an XML representation of the Graph Matching Motion model.   Unzip this archive in your EJS workspace to compile and run this model using EJS.

Published April 27, 2010
Last Modified June 6, 2014

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