October 16, 2009 Issue

Physics To Go 83 - X-rays in art & science

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Physics in Your World

X-ray Photography: Inner Beauty image
image credit: George Taylor; image source; larger image

X-ray Photography: Inner Beauty

This graceful picture by Nick Veasey is actually the x-ray image of a nautilus shell. Read more about x-ray photography at X-ray Photography: Inner Beauty, and learn the basics behind x-ray light at this NASA site. Be sure to check out more x-ray photographs from the featured artist above here.

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Physics at Home

X-Ray Spectra Activity

Working with x-rays at home would be dangerous, so this activity from the Exploratorium provides a safer simulation. You can see the effect of x-rays using only household items.


From Physics Research

APOD: X-Ray Moon image
image credit: ROSAT Mission, Max-Planck-Institut für Extraterrestrische Physik; image source; larger image

APOD: X-Ray Moon

What you see above is two images of the moon in x-ray light as it moves in front of an x-ray binary star system. The binary is visible as a yellow dot in the first image before being obscured by the moon in the second. Learn more about this image here. To see another image of the moon in x-ray light, see APOD: X-Ray Moon.

Worth a Look

X Rays: Another Form of Light

X-ray astronomy helps astronomers see a complete picture of the universe. Find out more at X Rays: Another Form of Light.

To learn more about the x-ray sky, watch the High-Energy Groovy Movie. (Be patient--it's a slow download.)

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