April 1, 2009 Issue

Physics To Go 70 - Soap films & bubbles

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Physics in Your World

Chronoscapes image
image credit: Pery Burge; image source; larger image


In the hands of artist Pery Burge, spreading inks become art.  To learn more about the process, visit Chronoscapes.

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Physics at Home

Exploratorium: Bubbularium

See Exploratorium: Bubbularium to use everyday materials to investigate the colors in soap films.


From Physics Research

A Soapy Solution image
image credit: Hamid Kellay; image source; larger image

A Soapy Solution

In this experiment, observations of soap films helped explain mixing in turbulent fluids. The colors, produced by interference, reveal the thickness of each part of the film.
-- To learn more about this experiment, visit A Soapy Solution.
-- For more on interference, see this Hyperphysics page.

Worth a Look

Gallery of Fluid Motion

Visit the Gallery of Fluid Motion--"when science creates art."

(This feature was updated on April 11, 2014.)

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