December 16, 2008 Issue

Physics To Go 63 - Earth from space

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Physics in Your World

Exploring the Moon: Apollo 8 Mission image
image credit: NASA; image source; larger image

Exploring the Moon: Apollo 8 Mission

This month we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Apollo 8, the first manned-mission in orbit around the Moon. To learn more about the famous "Earthrise" photograph, visit Exploring the Moon: Apollo 8 Mission.

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Physics at Home

Build a Solar System

Here are two ways you can make a model of the solar system.  
-- Build a Solar System from the Exploratorium, includes a calculator to help you select the sizes of your models.  
-- And if you have enough space, The Thousand Yard Model, from the National Optical Astronomy Observatory, gives you all the dimensions and sizes you'll need.


From Physics Research

Pale Blue Orb image
image credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute; image source; larger image

Pale Blue Orb

For a different perspective on Earth and the moon, here is the view from Saturn as seen by the Cassini spacecraft.
-- Earth is the blue speck on the right side of the image above the center, and is shown with greater magnification in the inset.
-- To learn more about this image, see Pale Blue Orb.

Worth a Look

Secret Worlds

Visit Secret Worlds, from Florida State University, for a slide show/animation starting far out in the universe and progressively moving in--along the way you'll get a great view of the solar system at different scales. For a related video, see the Eames Office video Powers of Ten.

(This feature was updated on August 10, 2013.)

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