October 16, 2008 Issue

Physics To Go 59 - Polarization/colors

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Physics in Your World

Crossed Polarizers image
image credit: Andrew Davidhazy; image source; larger image

Crossed Polarizers

This is cellophane photographed in polarized light--for related images, see Photographs by Andrew Davidhazy. To find out how it's done, see the Hyperphysics site Polarization and Interference Colors, and to learn more about polarized light, visit Hyperphysics: Crossed Polarizers.

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Physics at Home

Polarized Light Mosaic

To make colorful images with polarizers and tape, visit Polarized Light Mosaic.


From Physics Research

Boomerang Nebula image
image credit: Hubble Heritage Team, J. Biretta (STScI) et al., (STScI/AURA), ESA, NASA; image source; larger image

Boomerang Nebula

This is the Boomerang Nebula--gas and dust expelled from an aging star--captured in polarized light. To learn more about this image, visit Astronomy Picture of the Day: Boomerang Nebula.

Worth a Look

Physics 2000: Polarization

To learn more about polarized light, visit Physics 2000: Polarization. For more images showing polarization effects, see the Hyperphysics page Polarization and Interference Colors.

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