August 1, 2008 Issue

Physics To Go 54 - String & electron waves

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Physics in Your World

Hyperphysics: Standing Waves image
image credit: Andrew Davidhazy; image source; larger image

Hyperphysics: Standing Waves

The photo, by Andrew Davidhazy from the Rochester Institute of Technology, shows a vibrating string with a weight hanging from the lower end. For more details, see String Vibrations. To learn about standing waves on strings and in air, visit Hyperphysics: Standing Waves.

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From Physics Research

STM Gallery image
image credit: R.J. Celotta, S. Balakirsky, J.A. Stroscio/NIST; image source; larger image

STM Gallery

This scanning tunneling microscope (STM) image shows a "corral" for electrons that was created on a crystal surface. To find out how how these images are made, visit The Scanning Tunneling Microscope.  For an artistic gallery of similar images, see IBM: STM Gallery.

(This feature was updated on March 23, 2012.)

Worth a Look

Standing Waves: Harmonics and Patterns

To find out how two running waves in a tube add up to a standing wave, visit this Penn State animation. For a tutorial on standing waves, with animations, visit Standing Waves:  Harmonics and Patterns.

(This feature was updated on March 21, 2012.)

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