July 1, 2008 Issue

Physics To Go 52 - Gravitational waves

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Physics in Your World

Bubble Colors image
image credit: Susan Scwartzenberg, © Exploratorium; image source; larger image

Bubble Colors

This Exploratorium photo shows the colored bands produced by a soap film. To learn what causes these patterns, see Bubble Colors. For more, visit Hyperphysics' Soap Film Interference.

(This feature was updated on July 20, 2013.)

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Physics at Home

Wave Interference Applet

For a simple demonstration of wave superposition, check out this animation from the University of California, Irvine. To control the motion of the waves yourself, see Wave Interference Applet, by Zona Land.


From Physics Research

Science of LIGO image
image credit: Ricky Geautreaux, Aero-Data Inc., Baton Rouge, LA; image source; larger image

Science of LIGO

Here's one of the world's longest optical interferometers--the LIGO observatory at Livingston, LA--built to detect gravitational waves. To learn about LIGO and gravitational waves, visit Science of LIGO.

(This feature was updated on July 20, 2013.)

Worth a Look

Gravity: Making Waves

For an overview of Einstein's theory of gravity and the attempts to detect gravitational waves, check out the video Gravity: Making Waves.

(This feature was updated on 7/20/2013.)

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