July 16, 2006 Issue

Physics To Go 5 - Cable bridge/nanotech

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Physics in Your World

Wikipedia: Cable-Stayed Bridge image
Photo credit: FIGG

Wikipedia: Cable-Stayed Bridge

This photo shows the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, in Tampa, FL, the longest concrete cable-stayed bridge in the world. You can learn more about cable-stayed bridges at Wikipedia: Cable-Stayed Bridge, and while you're there, be sure to check out the Sundial Bridge in Redding, CA. And check out this NOVA activity on bridges. Also, don't miss the stunning Rio-Antirio Bridge in Greece.

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Physics at Home

The Soda Bottle Speaker

At this site, from Mercer University, you can build your own speaker with a magnet, some fine wire, a little hot glue, paper and a plastic bottle. The illustrations are clear and show you just what to do. Be sure to do this project with the supervision of an adult.


From Physics Research

Physics in Action:  Tiny Machines image

Physics in Action: Tiny Machines

Photo courtesy of Sandia National Laboratories, SUMMiTTM Technologies.

This photograph of a Microelectromechanical System (MEMS) crankshaft and gear also shows for scale a pollen grain, red blood cells, and a 50 micron line (50 millionths of a meter).  To learn more about MEMS, visit Tiny Machines, from the American Physical Society's outreach website Physics Central.

Worth a Look


StarChild--produced by NASA--is an online astronomy learning center for elementary and middle school students. Broad topics include the solar system and the universe (including black holes and dark matter), with lots of links providing additional information. You can choose from the elementary or middle school level. Songs and interesting questions help make it fun.

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