May 16, 2008 Issue

Physics To Go 49 - Push-pull/engineered art

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Physics in Your World

Kenneth Snelson image
photo credit: Ed Lee; larger image

Kenneth Snelson

This "tensegrity" sculpture by Kenneth Snelson is made of steel tubes and wire and completely separates its tension and compression members. To see the whole structure and its surroundings, click here. You can find more examples of his work at Kenneth Snelson.

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Physics at Home

Soda Straw Tensegrity Structures

Soda Straw Tensegrity Structures shows how to make your own tensegrity structures out of straws, rubber bands, and paper clips.

(This feature was updated on July 19, 2013.)


From Physics Research

Santiago Calatrava image
image credit: Andrew Dunn and Wikipedia Commons; image source; larger image

Santiago Calatrava

The Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava goes beyond engineering and into art with this bridge in Seville, Spain.  For a very different bridge by Calatrava, see this photo.  

(This feature was updated on July 19, 2013.)

Worth a Look

Structural Engineering: Cable and Suspension Structures

Check out Cable-Stayed Bridges from Structural Engineering Slide Library: Cable and Suspension Structures.  Also, don't miss Multi-story building with suspended floors, which shows a 12 story building whose floors are hung from its concrete core, with the support cables part of the design of the building exterior.

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