January 16, 2007 Issue

Physics To Go 17 - Trapped BB/see the knife

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Physics in Your World

Trapped! Analysis of a Real Collision image
photo credit: Loren M. Winters

Trapped! Analysis of a Real Collision

This is a multiple-exposure photo (hi-res version) of a bb shot into a hanging elastic strip. The series of images was produced by sequentially firing strobe lights, each with its own colored filter. For more information, see Trapped! Analysis of a Real Collision, where you'll also find an interesting paradox to explain.

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Physics at Home

Structures around the World

Try Structures around the World from the Exploratorium to find out about the physics and engineering of structures. There's a photo gallery and multiple building activities.


From Physics Research

Superhuman Vision:  Seeing with Terahertz image
Image Credit: QinetiQ 100 GHz Millimetre Wave

Superhuman Vision: Seeing with Terahertz

Terahertz radiation revealed the knife hidden in the newspaper (hi-res version). This part of the electromagnetic spectrum lies between the short-wavelength radio waves and the long-wavelength infrared (way out beyond the visible). For more information, see Superhuman Vision: Seeing with Terahertz. For a teravision image of a tooth, see T-Ray Triumph from the American Physical Society's Physical Review Focus.

Worth a Look

The Pervasive Plasma State

Ninety-nine percent of the matter in the universe is plasma. To learn about it, visit The Pervasive Plasma State and Perspectives on Plasmas.

(This feature was updated on July 5, 2013.)

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