November 1, 2012 Issue

Physics To Go 130 - Liquid crystal

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How does an LCD display work? image
image credit: Ravedave;  image source;  larger image

How does an LCD display work?

Take a look at this video to see how a liquid crystal display (LCD) TV screen works. For more information, see this Case Western Reserve page.

The molecules of a liquid crystal have a tendency to line up, rather than point in random directions. For more, see these pages from Kent State University and from Simon Fraser University.

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Physics at Home

Liquid Crystal IR Detector

Go to Liquid Crystal IR Detector for an experiment that shows how a liquid crystal can detect infrared radiation.


From Physics Research

Physics Images: Bent-Core Liquid Crystals image
Image ©2011 American Physical Society; image source; larger image

Physics Images: Bent-Core Liquid Crystals

Here is an image of a "bent-core liquid crystal"-- to learn more about these substances, visit Physics Images: Bent-Core Liquid Crystals.

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