Shear Forms Force Chains Feature Summary

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Shear Forms Force Chains
-- You are looking at a thin box filled with small plastic discs. These discs are squeezed top-to-bottom and allowed to expand right-to-left. They are backlit, and the light passes through two linear polarizers, one behind the discs and one in front. The colors indicate the stresses inside the discs.
-- To learn more about this experiment, see the American Physical Society's Physical Review Focus article Shear Forms Force Chains. See this video to watch the experiment in action.
image credit: Jie Zhang/Duke University; <a href="" target="_blank">image source</a>; <a href=" chains zoomed-in.jpg" target="_blank">magnified view</a>
image credit: Jie Zhang/Duke University; image source; magnified view
Image URL: chains zoomed-in.jpg
February 1, 2009 - February 16, 2009