Reduced Gravity Experiments: Vomit Comet Blog Feature Summary

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Reduced Gravity: Vomit Comet Blog
photo credit: NASA
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The photo shows astronauts training in a NASA plane that flies a parabolic arc--the same path as a projectile follows--so they can experience simulated weightlessness. To find out what these flights are like, check out the Reduced Gravity: Vomit Comet Blog, from Physics Central, by the American Physical Society. To learn more, see the Weightlessness page in Hyperphysics and Fluids in Space, also from Physics Central. If you'd like to build a drop tower to investigate apparent weightlessness yourself, see the NASA site Reduced Gravity Demonstrator.

This feature was updated on July 4, 2013.
October 1, 2006 - October 16, 2006