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Flow Visualization
The photo shows plumes from the Raleigh-Taylor instability, produced by dropping green food coloring in vinegar and red in sugar syrup. To learn more about this kind of fluid motion, see the Physics Central feature Mixing Physics: Raleigh-Taylor instabilities.  

For more images of fluid flow, see Flow Visualization.

This feature was updated on July 7, 2013.
image credit: Laurel Swift; <a href="http://www.colorado.edu/MCEN/flowvis/galleries/2004/assignment1/swift1.jpg" target="_blank">larger image</a> as exhibited in <a href="http://www.colorado.edu/MCEN/flowvis/">Flow Visualization</a>, 2004 Gallery: Get Wet
image credit: Laurel Swift; larger image as exhibited in Flow Visualization, 2004 Gallery: Get Wet
July 1, 2006 - July 16, 2006