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Time Flies
Einstein's theory of special relativity says that a moving clock, when compared to a stationary clock, runs slow. And general relativity, his theory of gravity, says that the weaker the gravitational field, the faster a clock in that field runs. These predictions were tested in 1971 by flying atomic clocks around the world. Einstein's relativity theories correctly explained what happened.

To learn about a more accurate update to this experiment 25 years later, see Time Flies. Click on the image to see a photo of the atomic clocks in the updated experiment.
image credit: André Karwath, Creative Commons; <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Contrail_with_jet_(aka).jpg " target="_blank">image source</a>; second image courtesy of <a href="http://www.npl.co.uk/news/time-flies" target="_blank">NPL</a>
image credit: André Karwath, Creative Commons; image source; second image courtesy of NPL
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https://www.compadre.org/Informal/images/features/atomic clock jet plane.jpg
November 1, 2011 - November 15, 2011