PhET Simulation: Fourier: Making Waves Feature Summary

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PhET Simulation: Fourier: Making Waves
Security note:
Once you have clicked on the "simulation" link below, be sure to read the Java Security Advisory before running the simulation: To do that, click the "Read now" button on the yellow band near the top of the PhET page.

Learn about many aspects of the physics of sound with these fun activities:

-- Download PhET Simulation: Fourier: Making Waves to learn how the mathematics of waves determine what you hear.
-- Build your own speaker out of a soda bottle at Soda Bottle Speaker. (Have an adult help you with the hot glue.)
-- For even more ideas, check out The Soundry. Their Interactive Sound Lab contains many more applets to explore the physics of sound.

(This feature was updated on May 5, 2013.)
November 16, 2009 - December 1, 2009