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Johannes Kepler: The Laws of Planetary Motion ` - Sep 1, 2013

To learn more about Kepler's laws, and learn a little historical background too, visit Johannes Kepler: The Laws of Planetary Motion.

Schawlow and Townes Invent the Laser ` - Aug 1, 2013

To learn about the invention of the laser at Bell Laboratories in New Jersey, click here.

X-rays from free electrons ` - Jul 1, 2013

Visit X-rays from free electrons to learn more about how synchrotron radiation is produced. Be sure to see the second section of this site.

The Brightest Supernova Ever ` - Jun 1, 2013

Speaking of supernovas...here's the biggest supernova explosion ever observed. It was the death of an extraordinarily massive star, but one located in a galaxy about 240,000,000 light-years away.

In fact, we have a similar star in our own galaxy, and only 7500 light-years away. You can see an image of this monster here.

Ice over the Poles ` - May 1, 2013

Visit Ice over the Poles for an interesting article on ice at the Poles--both sea ice at the North Pole, and land ice on Antarctica. Be sure to see the explanation of how melting of ice sheets or glaciers can provide "positive feedback" and increase the rate of warming.

Sol Station: Sol ` - Apr 1, 2013

To understand the source of the sun's energy, visit The Sun's Structure and Nuclear Fusion. For much more detail, see Sol Station: Sol.

Flow Visualization ` - Feb 1, 2013

Check out the galleries of fluid flow images on this University of Colorado site.

Aurora over Antarctica ` - Jan 1, 2013

For a view from the ground of an aurora over Antarctica, check out this Astronomy Picture of the Day.

And to see an aurora video captured from the International Space Station over the Indian Ocean, click here.

Planetary and Satellite Motion ` - Dec 1, 2012

Check out this video to learn about satellite orbits.

For further reading, see Planetary and Satellite Motion.

The Art of Liquid Crystals ` - Nov 1, 2012

Enjoy the images in The Art of Liquid Crystals.

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