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Physics to Go is an online magazine dedicated to introducing physics topics in a fun and accessible way. We have published 1-2 issues every month since our first issue on May 16, 2006. We invite you to browse our past issues to find a topic that interests you!

Issue 139: Two views of Earth
Issue 138: White light lasers
Issue 137: X-ray vision
Issue 136: Neutrino astrophysics
Issue 135: Carbon dioxide/global warming
Issue 134: Solar Eruptions
Issue 133: Films and bubbles
Issue 132: Auroras from space
Issue 131: Supersonic Skydive
Issue 130: Liquid crystal
Issue 129: Origami: Art & technology
Issue 128: Mars Curiosity Rover
Issue 127: Lunar surface & craters
Issue 126: Natural reactor/probe power
Issue 125: Electric guitar
Issue 124: Balance & torque
Issue 123: Making electromagnetic waves
Issue 122: Mirror image molecules
Issue 121: Extrasolar planets
Issue 120: Wingtip whirl
Issue 119: Magnetic liquid
Issue 118: Special relativity
Issue 117: Contrails & global warming
Issue 116: Global Positioning System
Issue 115: Fractals
Issue 114: Free fall
Issue 113: Chaos
Issue 112: Radioactivity/fuel rods
Issue 111: Flames
Issue 110: Quasars
Issue 109: Imaging Air
Issue 108: Lasers visible & infrared
Issue 107: Extinction evidence
Issue 106: Renewable energy
Issue 105: Fiber laser
Issue 104: Networks
Issue 103: Splash-supersonic air jet
Issue 102: Ocean waves
Issue 101: Soap film structures
Issue 100: Wind & land
Issue 99: Supersonic
Issue 98: Life & death of stars
Issue 97: Plasma globe & ball
Issue 96: Iceland volcano
Issue 95: Views of the moon
Issue 94: Fusion
Issue 93: Winter 2010 snow cover
Issue 92: Radio astronomy
Issue 91: Life in a rotating frame
Issue 90: Haiti earthquake
Issue 89: Floating frog/ferrofluid
Issue 88: Laser 50th anniversary
Issue 87: Galaxies near and far
Issue 86: Cyber/robot insects
Issue 85: Waves & music
Issue 84: Nuclear reactor
Issue 83: X-rays in art & science
Issue 82: Bending light
Issue 81: Granular materials
Issue 80: Lightning
Issue 79: Tiling/quasi-crystals
Issue 78: Volcanoes--solar system
Issue 77: Spinning systems
Issue 76: Atmospheric scattering
Issue 75: Crab nebula
Issue 74: Clouds/global warming
Issue 73: Space tethers/nanotubes
Issue 72: Crash test/ion drive
Issue 71: Italy earthquake
Issue 70: Soap films & bubbles
Issue 69: Observing the sun
Issue 68: Martial arts/action-reaction
Issue 67: Dust in the sky & galaxy
Issue 66: Colors of stress
Issue 65: Mirrored room
Issue 64: Crystals
Issue 63: Earth from space
Issue 62: Particle physics/LHC
Issue 61: Fluorescence
Issue 60: Orbits/Saturn's rings
Issue 59: Polarization/colors
Issue 58: Reflectors/Lunar ranging
Issue 57: Heat radiation
Issue 56: Rotation/dark matter
Issue 55: New volcano, new island
Issue 54: String & electron waves
Issue 53: World's smallest guitar
Issue 52: Gravitational waves
Issue 51: Life on Mars/Mars Lander
Issue 50: Sichuan earthquake
Issue 49: Push-pull/engineered art
Issue 48: Lunar dust
Issue 47: Molecular jiggling
Issue 46: Infrared light
Issue 45: Dr. Megavolt
Issue 44: Satellite debris
Issue 43: Tornado inside & out
Issue 42: Icicles/snowflakes
Issue 41: Visible light spectra
Issue 40: Our galaxy's black hole
Issue 39: Earth & moon/dust glow
Issue 38: Earth--a rotating frame
Issue 37: Balloon/aneurysm
Issue 36: California wildfires
Issue 35: Blue sky from space/planets
Issue 34: Death ray/solar power
Issue 33: Spinning fluid
Issue 32: Rocket/Hero's engine
Issue 31: Oil tanker/cell
Issue 30: Water ski/spiral tracks
Issue 29: Short/long focal length
Issue 28: Sand dunes
Issue 27: Filament burn/supernova
Issue 26: Diffraction
Issue 25: Resonance
Issue 24: Earthquakes
Issue 23: Biplane/sparks
Issue 22: Big shadow/color shift
Issue 21: Cutaway lens/antimatter
Issue 20: Aurora/superconductor
Issue 19: String wave/ex-nucleus
Issue 18: Diffraction/white dwarf
Issue 17: Trapped BB/see the knife
Issue 16: Wheelie/solar spectrum
Issue 15: See the heat/neutrinos
Issue 14: Water drop lens/first x-ray
Issue 13: Earth phase/see atoms
Issue 12: Microwaved CD/aerogel
Issue 11: Burning peanut/Mars
Issue 10: Vomit Comet/chaos
Issue 9: Pinhole image/contrails
Issue 8: Flame wave/Pluto
Issue 7: Welding/eddy trail
Issue 6: Sun time/anti-particle
Issue 5: Cable bridge/nanotech
Issue 4: Plumes/electron track
Issue 3: Kung fu/shockwave
Issue 2: Magnet art/space flame
Issue 1: Grains/Saturn's rings

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Near-Earth Object Program - Oct 16, 2020

Asteroids are usually shown between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, but they also swing in as far as Earth's orbit, and frequently. At the time of this writing, astronomers have identified 1156 potentially hazardous asteroids, so-called because of their large size and close projected approach to Earth.

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How to Build a Spectroscope - Oct 1, 2020

Learn how to build your own spectroscope using household items at How to Build a Spectroscope. If you don't have a diffraction grating or rainbow glasses at home, you might try to build a spectroscope with a cereal box and a CD instead.

Build an Air Cannon - Sep 16, 2020

You can build your own "vortex generator" with just a few simple, household materials.  The Rochester Museum and Science Center's Science Experiment of the Week: Air Cannon shows how to build an air cannon from a plastic bottle, clip wrap, and rubber bands--just be sure to have an adult working with you.  There are even experiments that you can do with your new cannon.  

This feature was updated on July 6, 2009.

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