Feature Archive

Benjamin Franklin and Electrostatics - May 1, 2006

Franklin's contribution to the understanding of electricity. Writings and historical observations are integrated with lab descriptions to provide insight into his work. Videos of some of the experiments are also included.

Maria Mitchell - May 1, 2006

Learn about Maria Mitchell, highly regarded 19th century astronomer, comet discoverer, and first Vassar College faculty member. You can read a brief bio and see links to more information.

Physics in Action: Black Holes - Jan 1, 2006

Find out how stars die, how what happens to them depends on their mass, and how very large stars can become black holes, which have such strong gravity that not even light can escape its overpowering pull. You'll also learn how black holes are detected.

Hubblesite Discoveries - Oct 1, 2005

This site, produced by the Space Telescope Science Institute, is terrific. The featured videos, "Piercing the Sky" and "Cosmic Collision," are informative and beautifully produced. In the "Fun" section, you can see a map of the world and find the point where the Hubble is directly overhead, and you can add the sun and various artificial satellites. This map is animated, and every thirty seconds or so, the icons move on the globe to keep up-to-date. Another feature, "Skywatch," is a podcast that tells what's in the night sky and what's interesting out there in the solar system. And there are more Fun features . . .

You can find out how the telescope works, how it's repaired, and also see movies and stills about Hubble's discoveries, and that's not to mention the Gallery section with its great collection of images. This is a super site--you'll both enjoy and learn!!

Physics is Phun - Sep 1, 2005

Physics is Phun is a set of mobile physics demonstration shows put on by the University of Maryland. Each show begins with a hands-on interactive segment as the guests arrive, lasting from about 6.45 until 7:30 each evening, and a lecture\demonstration, lasting from 7:30 until about 8:45. There are a variety of topics, and each program is customized for the particular audience.

Physics in Action: Catch an Earthquake - Feb 1, 2005

Find out why geophysicists predicted another
earthquake for the Parkside region of
southern California and how they
instrumented the area to make better

Physics Circus - Apr 19, 2004

Our students take a collection of physics
demonstration experiments on the road to
local schools near UC Santa Barbara to
present an action packed learning