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AAPT Summer Meeting Session on TAs and LAs
On Tuesday, July 20, the AAPT's Teacher Preparation Committee will have session FH: Research on Teaching Assistants and Learning Assistants. Stop by to find out what you think!
published on July 18, 2010
MIT Funds More Maternity Leave for Female Grad Students
The MIT Physics Department has agreed to fund a third month of paid maternity leave for female physics graduate students, an extension of the two months of childbirth accommodation provided for female graduate students Institute-wide.
published by The Tech on November 25, 2008

Past Events

An Introduction To Improving Student Learning

Feb 13, 2009 in Chicago, IL
AAPT event

This AAPT Winter meeting workshop provides an overview and introduction to the motivations, strategies, methodologies, and publication routes for conducting science education research in classrooms in order to improve astronomy education.

Teaching Physics for the First Time

Feb 12, 2009 in Chicago, IL
AAPT event

This AAPT Winter meeting workshop is designed for instructors assigned physics or physical science courses. Examples of lesson plans, lab activities, demonstrations and sample assessments for core topics kinematics to magnetism will be presented.

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