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How to help postgrads to teach - Aug 14, 2011

Eugenia Etkina explains her view that universities should do more to help physics research students and TAs understand the art of teaching.

A New Ta's Guide to Teaching Introductory Physics - Aug 24, 2010

This short guide targets TAs teaching introductory physics courses.

Helping Graduate Teaching Assistants Lead Discussions: A Few Simple Teaching Techniques - Jun 14, 2010

Graduate teaching assistants are frequently asked to lead discussion groups in tutorials, review sessions, or problem-based learning classes. In their preparation, what to teach is often emphasized over how to teach. This paper provides a few simple teaching strategies for TAs in the biological sciences, but the ideas are applicable to physical science educators as well.

An Instructor's Guide to the Effective Use of Personal Response Systems (Clickers) in Teaching - Feb 14, 2010

This resource is a comprehensive guide to the effective use of "clickers." Tips on how to implement clickers appropriately, how to select questions or problems, and how to use responses to aid students in concept formation are included.

Resource Letter EPGA-1: The education of physics graduate assistants - Feb 14, 2010

This resource letter provides an introduction to resources for the preparation of graduate students regarding their teaching responsibilities.  The resources provided include both general resources and resources focused on particular aspects of instruction.

Teaching Tips: Strategies, Research, and Theory for College and University Teachers - Nov 23, 2008

This book is a basic "how-to" guidebook for teaching at the college and university level. The essentials of course preparation, lecture and laboratory design, testing and assessment, class management and discipline, and writing and research are outlined. The author also discusses some specific details related to teaching college students and bridging the gap between teaching and research.