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Physics Careers Resource Frequently Asked Questions

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What material will I find on the comPADRE Careers Resource Site?

The comPADRE Careers Resource site contains information to help students, teachers, high school counselors, and parents learn more about Physics careers—and career options—at every stage of the student's educational path. The resources on this site are organized in a way that is specially-tailored to the needs of students at middle school, high school, and college levels, and for students interested in pursuing either a Bachlor's degree or an Advanced Degree in Physics.

How do I find materials on the comPADRE Careers Resource Site?

The top three items in the left-hand navigation bar provide specific information for parents, students and educators at the middle school, high school, and college levels. These sections provide materials such as coursework advice for students, information on Federal Aid programs and scholarships, and resources available for teachers and parents to inform and excite students about career opportunities in Physics. Under the Physics Employment Facts, Physics Employers, and Educational Institutions sections you can find information about which universities offer Physics degrees, which companies have recently hired Physics undergraduates, and general facts about the types of employment which are typically sought by students graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Physics. The Physics Profiles page provides detailed information about real-life Physicists and the jobs that they do.

In the Fields in Physics page, you can learn more about the fields in which students Physics degrees typically work. This information is organized specifically around which type of degree the student is considering: BS (or BA) and Advanced Degree (MS, PhD). In this section you will find descriptions of the areas in which Physics degree holders find employment, and within them links to Physicist Profiles, where students can hear the interesting and diverse stories of real people who chose to study Physics.

I am a Physicist. How can I add my profile to the site to further help students?

To add your profile, please email the following information to Crystal Bailey:

  • Your name and a photo
  • Your degree path/educational background
  • Your employer name, state, and zip code
  • A verbal description of your job
  • How we should contact you
  • A brief statement about:
    • how you came to choose your present career
    • how your Physics training has prepared you for your career
    • what drew you to physics in the first place

Is there a cost for using the comPADRE Careers Resource?

The comPADRE Careers Resource is a free and open resource provided as service by the American Association of Physics Teachers and its partners. It is supported, in part, by funding from the APS Campaign for Physics and the National Science Foundation and is part of the NSF National Science Digital Library.

Who can I contact for further information?

You can contact the Physics Careers Resource staff using our feedback form.