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The Physics Careers Resource is designed to provide information about physics careers and physicists to students and those that advise and mentor students. While some resources for teachers and professors are new, much of the information has been collected from professional society and government resources into a single location. Wherever possible, the links to original sources are included in order to enable the user to find more detailed information.

The website is organized in two main sections: audience-based information and general facts and resources. The audience-based information sections provide information relevant for student, educator and parent audiences. The student sections offer suggested activities that students can engage in to help prepare them for further study in physics. The educator section provides information and resources they can use to help get information about physics, physicists and the wide variety of physics career paths to the students. The parent section provides information that will help them assist their child as they navigate the educational path towards a career in physics.

There are also five general information sections: employment facts, profiles, employers, institutions, and fields. The employment facts section provides information about what physicists do once they earn a Bachelors degree. A collection of profiles of physicists allows site visitors to see examples of what can be done with a physics degree. For those wondering what types of companies hire physicists with bachelors degrees, the employer map has been created to show examples of companies that have recently hired recent physics degree recipients. Where did the physicists earn their degrees? The educational institutions map will show colleges and universities in the country that offer physics degrees. Finally, the fields of physics section will give brief descriptions of the many different areas of science and technology in which physics (and physicists) play a role.

The Physics Careers Resource is a service provided by the American Physical Society. It is supported, in part, by the National Science Foundation.

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